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Block Chain Application

Block chain technology is the embryonic form of next generation cloud computing, which is expected to completely reshape human social activities like the Internet, and realize the transformation from the current information internet to the value internet. Military Intelligence applies block chain technology to serve enterprise information security.

Financial industry

Block chain technology will be applied to credit information, transaction security and information security in the financial industry. Financial data security, information privacy and network security are suitable for distributed area block technology, block chain can form point-to-point digital value transfer in finance, thus enhancing the security of transmission and transaction.

Human Resources Industry

The "Block Chain + Human Resources" portfolio model provides a complete set of business solutions for SMEs in the world, such as information certificate, enterprise management and so on. Effectively avoided staff resume fraud, false recruitment and recruitment platform management cumbersome drawbacks. In addition, "Block Chain + Human Resources" makes enterprise management more concise and intelligent, so it reduces the number of auditors, and greatly reduces operating costs.

On the one hand, the block chain has brought revolutionary breakthroughs to the human resources service industry, such as "electronic labor contract", which has greatly solved the problem of signing labor contracts for foreign employees and improved the efficiency of enterprises'office work. On the other hand, the block chain improves the operation efficiency within the enterprise. Through powerful data management and analysis capabilities, it improves the decision-making level. In the deep integration of human resources and block chain, it also gives the enterprise new vitality.

Internet of things

Transaction generates corresponding behavior, assigns Address address to each device, injects a certain cost to the address, and can perform related actions, so as to achieve the application of the Internet of Things. Similar to: PM2.5 monitoring point data acquisition, server leasing, network camera data calls, DNS server, etc.

In addition, with the increase of Internet of Things devices and the increasing demand for Edge computing, a large number of devices need to adopt a distributed self-organizing management model, and have a high demand for fault tolerance. Block chains can be well used in this scenario because of their distributed and anti-attack characteristics.

Logistics Supply Chain

Supply chain industry often involves many entities, including logistics, capital flow, information flow and so on. There are a lot of complex collaboration and communication among these entities. Under the traditional mode, different entities keep their own supply chain information, which is seriously lack of transparency, resulting in higher time and money costs, and it is difficult to trace and deal with problems (fake collar, fake goods, etc.).

Through the block chain, all parties can obtain a transparent and reliable unified information platform, which can view the status in real time, reduce logistics costs, and trace the whole process of production and delivery of goods, thereby improving the efficiency of supply chain management. When disputes arise, proof and tracing become clearer and easier.

Insurance Industry

In the daily business of insurance companies, the use of block chain technology, from the perspective of data management, can effectively help insurance companies improve their risk management capabilities. Specifically, it is mainly divided into the risk management of the insured and the risk supervision of the insurance company.

Art industry

It allows artists to use block chain technology to declare ownership, distribute numbered, Limited Edition works, and target digital forms of any type of work of art. It even includes a trading market where artists can buy and sell through their websites without any intermediary services.

Development industry

Colu is the first company to allow other companies to issue digital assets, and many people are impressed that they can "token" various assets. Although Counerpart, a free Bitcoin wallet, allows for the issuance of simple tokens and transactions between other wallet holders, Colu's tokens can be set up in various states and types, can be detached from or returned to the system, and can store data on BitTorrent's network when the amount of data stored on the block chain is too large.

Public Network Services

Using block chain technology to build a public network platform can avoid all kinds of risks from the network, and can provide stable and reliable services.

Real estate industry

Let the whole industrial chain process become more modern, and solve various problems faced by everyone in participating in real estate, including naming process, land registration, agent intermediary, etc.

Block chain is widely used in many fields. iJUNCO is based on this technology to provide safe and reliable intelligent services for customers.

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